Studio Lobis has many years of experience in the tax and corporate consultancy which is addressed to those entities (companies or self-employed workers), both Italians and foreigners, requiring a global consulting service tailored to their own needs.


Extensive experience, achieved in cooperation with major auditing firms, ongoing professional training, perfect knowledge of the main foreign languages (English and German) and close network of relationships with prestigious national and international consultants, are the strengths of Studio Lobis and guarantee the high quality of the services provided.


column3-image1   ADMINISTRATIVE AREA

In the administrative area, Studio Lobis is able to offer high quality consulting services such as:

  • Building up and management of the accounting system, reviews and audits regarding the organisation and settlement of the book-keeping; review  of the reliability of the financial statements.
  • Drafting of the financial statements, the explanatory notes and the minutes of the Corporate Bodies, according to the statutory laws and/or to IFRS Gaap
  • Drafting of balance sheets for partnerships and single businesses;
  • Annual, quarterly  or monthly reporting;
  • Analysis of cash flow and balance sheets;
  • Drafting of extraordinary balance sheets in connection with a start up, merger, acquisition, liquidation and others.

column2-image1  CORPORATE AREA

In the corporate area Studio Lobis is able to offer high quality consulting services such as:

  • Advice in the establishment of all entities (Companies, partnerships, firms, associations, permanent establishments), and in case of reorganisations such as conversion, merger, demerger, contribution in kind, acquisition and spin-off, contribution of capital;
  • Advice in increasing capital stock or in issuing bonds
  • Assistance in withdrawal/exclusion of shareholders;
  • Transfer of shares or branches;
  • Leasing of businesses;
  • Winding up of companies;
  • Appraisals regarding the evaluation of firms, branches, real estate, property assets, share holdings and the like;
  • Business administration of firms and estate,
  • Assistance in financial statements or in changes of the capital stock;
  • Drafting of minutes and other reports of the ordinary business (approval of F/S, granting of powers, appointment of the Board of Directors and related powers);
  • Ordinary and extraordinary procedures of failure (bankruptcy and others)
  • Leverage operations;
  • Extrajudicial agreements among shareholders or with the creditors;
  • Assistance regarding trusts;
  • Appointment as statutory auditor of companies;
  • Domiciling of companies.

shutterstock_v3893477b_preview  TAX AREA

Tax consulting represent the core activity of Studio Lobis.

Our staff is able to face all questions linked to reorganisations of enterprises and groups of enterprises, both national or international.

We provide a full and effective assistance in case of tax audits and in the course of tax litigation in front of the court.

Here we set out our main services:

  • Filling of all tax returns (direct or indirect taxes); analysis of the F/S; computation of current, deferred and prepaid taxes;
  • Advice on local/international tax strategies with the issuing of written statements;
  • Advice on Companies’ reorganisations such as conversion, merger, demerger, transfer;
  • Investigations in connection with single businesses and family enterprises, working out of relating tax plannings;
  • Advice on issues linked to dependent work: stock options, fringe benefits;
  • Advice on transfer pricing issues (royalties, services, ecc.);
  • Tax consolidation of groups and tax relief for groups;
  • Participation exemption;
  • Petitions and appeals to the tax courts, complaints, applications, filling up of questionnaires;
  • Attendance and defence during Tax Authorities’ inspections;
  • Filing of tax rulings to the tax administration;
  • Issuing of circular letters focusing on the latest tax news;
  • Assistance in case of tax reimbursements, including VAT reimbursements for non residents;
  • Advice and assistance regarding VAT identification in Italy and the appointment of VAT representatives;
  • Tax audit and due diligence in case of company acquisitions;
  • Settlements of tax disputes with the tax administration;
  • Assistance regarding tax disputes;
  • Applications in connection with tax amnesties;
  • Preparation and presentation of seminaries on fiscal news;
  • Application and submission of all types of documents to the Chamber of Commerce
  • Electronic filing of all fiscal documents to the Italian Tax Administration (agreement and tax returns)
  • Preparing and filing of the payment forms (F24), also in an electronic way.
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